Our Story

We opened our doors for business in 1973. We had one client, two employees, and basic resources and facilities.

As you read through this literature, you will see that much has changed at our company in the intervening years. These changes were neither random nor evolutionary – they were driven by the need to get better at everything we do.

In the early years of our company history, we began to see that yesterday’s manufacturing methods and technology might soon be obsolete. Our industry has always been both highly competitive and driven by technological change. To meet these challenges, we established a company mandate that would be clearly understood by all our employees.

As a company, and as employees, we would be “committed to continual improvement.” We have been, and always will be, searching for better manufacturing methods, new materials, improved hardware, new software, better quality control methods, etc.

The quality of our service and product is, and will continue to be, our highest priority. This
can only be achieved with competitive equipment, technology, and procedures.

I hope that these brief thoughts describing the underlying motivations and principles of
our company, might help you to consider Kenyon Press. We deliver a quality product that
is also cost-effective.

We look forward to meeting the challenge of your project.

Ray O. Kenyon
CEO / President