Customer Service

Kenyon Press Inc. is more than a commercial printing firm. A typical printing company takes a quote request from a customer and simply provides their current price without offering alternatives and possible added value solutions. We listen and understand the needs of our customers and look for ways to improve the effectiveness of their printed products. We do this by making suggestions to reduce costs or
by providing ideas to make their printed piece more effective (such as running the job on a different paper stock or suggesting optimum page count configurations).

Our customer service team does more than try to make a quick sale. Each of our account reps. follow the jobs they get through the departments at our plant. This means that they always know where the
job is and if everything is running smoothly. They also go out on press and make sure that the quality matches what we have for proofs. This attention to detail allows for the best possible end product.

We train all of our customer service people to have a great understanding of the printing industry. This is what allows us to provide insight into perspective jobs. We understand what the customer wants in
their printed piece and do our best to get that to them at a reasonable price.

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is here to help. We can get you a quote quickly and can also offer additional quotes at the same time that reflect cost differences in paper stock or shipping methods.

Whatever your need, our customer service team can help. Call us today.