Prepress Department

Electronic Prepress

Advances in the world of electronic prepress and desktop publishing continue to amaze all of us. Improvements in hardware and software now provide an excellent production highway for small and large publishers alike. We stand ready, with both Macintosh and PC platforms, as well as the
required software and experience, knowledgeable operators, to make these “electronic dreams” into a tangible reality.

The need to align yourself with a company that can help you navigate through the muddy waters of electronic files should not be underestimated. We are very proud of our staff in this department, and their ability to help desktop publishers.

Kenyon Press prides itself in this department and we make sure we have all the current software & hardware to support current production trends. We use a PDF based workflow system for Computer-to-
Plate processing to ensure a smooth and precise transition to press. We can accept finished PDF’s of your files or native layout files. Our accepted methods of file transfer to us include: CD, DVD, Flash Drive, FTP, Dropbox, and E-mail.

As part of our committed service to you, we also offer High Resolution color proofing of your job for an accurate preview of what your job will look like on press. We also offer typesetting, image adjustment, photo scanning, and PDF proofs for our clients if there is a need to edit content after the job has been submitted to us.

Manual Prepress

Anyone familiar with the print industry knows how fast technology is moving, and here at Kenyon Press, we strive to keep up with it. Our manual prepress department is no exception.

The days of film stripping are but a memory for our prepress employees. We have been 100% Computer-to-Plate (CTP) since 2004. Technology has evolved and while others choose to stay with techniques of the past, we embrace the future and are happy to share our knowledge and skill
with our clients to produce the best outcome possible. Using Computer-to-Plate technology provides spot-on accuracy, saves on manual labor, and produces less material waste. These are savings we
gladly pass on to our customers.

While the duties of the manual prepress department have decreased to some degree due to shorter production time, we utilize their eye for detail in proofing. We proof everything from the original files to
the finished piece. We strive to make sure that there aren’t any discrepancies between the original proofs and our final product. If we find something of concern we notify our sales staff who will bring it to the customer’s attention.

At Kenyon Press, we ensure quality throughout our production stages by using Epson® proofers, and Kodak® plates and processors. Utilizing quality and reliable equipment helps to ensure a good outcome
with minimal downtime.