Presses & Quality Control

Our press department is made up of six separate press lines. There are a total of 43 press units, 4 combination folders, 4 double former folders, perforators, plow folders, in line gluers, pattern gluers, etc. Having this many presses gives us a great deal of versatility that allows us to run everything from newsletters to catalogs.

Multiple presses allow us to run similar style jobs on the same press, saving costly setup time and allowing the job to finish quicker. They also give us the ability to run a greater variety of work. While our web presses handle our most common jobs such as catalogs, flyers, and calendars, our sheetfed press handles the smaller run jobs like store sign cards, business cards, and brochures.

While the presence of hardware is certainly significant, we believe the work done by our press crews, in conjunction with our quality improvement personnel, is where the real action takes place. In order to meet quality measurement standards, all our presses use densitometers to monitor and control color reproduction. Additionally, our two Harris press lines are equipped with computer controlled registration systems, remote electronic ink controls, Harris densicolor plate scanning for ink pre-set, and computer controlled pH levels for fountain solution balance.

Our press equipment, our press crews, and our quality improvement personnel are all supported in turn, by our own “in-house” maintenance staff. Whether the problem is mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, or pneumatic, our production maintenance people are always ready to handle any problem, at any hour, and see that the jobs go out on time.

Many factors come into play in the pressroom. Temperature, humidity, chemical balance, web tensions, and running speeds are just a few. How all these variables are controlled is a significant factor in maintaining quality.

Experienced personnel, good equipment, and a continuous “commitment to improve” form the base platform necessary to meet customer expectations.

Quality, in the graphic arts field, is defined by the customer. Our quality control department works to understand those quality standards as defined by our customers, and then through teamwork and shared ideas, we will always try to exceed the standards of the past. We tap into the pride and professionalism of all our employees to achieve our quality goals. At Kenyon Press, we are “committed to continuous improvement”, and no area in our plant receives more attention in this regard than our Quality Control Department.

At Kenyon Press, we do not believe that a single act, or job is real evidence of quality.
Real quality, or excellence, is better defined by our ability to recreate the single act of
quality on a repetitive basis.